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A Night of Firsts

404727_10151353155061965_876604438_nLast Sunday night was a night of firsts.

I gave my first missionary presentation. Considering that my role in the past had been to smile when introduced and then sit back down while my husband gave the presentation, I thought it went better than expected.

Driving home that night I had another first meeting—a meeting with a deer. My poor Toyota Yaris wasn’t so impressed with that meeting. The deer’s shoulder slammed into the front corner on the driver’s side, smashing her pretty blue bumper. Being a faithful little car, she drove me home with all her lights still functioning and without any apparent internal injuries. Of course, the next day I did have to check her in at the “auto ER”—commonly known as the repair shop. I’m sure she’s homesick and counting the days before she’s back in my driveway. The feeling is mutual.

The chance encounter with the deer prompted my third first for the night. It was the first time I ever called 911.

Three firsts in one night. You know, I really could have lived several more decades without needing to have two of those firsts. But the missionary meeting? Even though it was outside my comfort zone, it was a first meeting of many as I make plans to head back into missions full-time. That made it a good first. Prayers are appreciated for my upcoming meetings—and safety in all my travels!


I am a widow—but my identity does not end there. I am a former pastor’s wife, former missionary, current full-time church secretary, mother of four great sons (and a wonderful daughter-in-law!), and author of three Christian suspense novels: Betrayed, Identity Revealed, and A Murder Unseen. (Available at: Amazon.com.) Greater than that, I am a child of God with a passion for God, my family, and writing!
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  1. April 25, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Rosie, you are always so uplifting to the soul. I hate that two of your firsts were not quite “happy” times, but the first first was definitely outstanding! So happy for you, and continue to keep you in our prayers. ❤ (((hugs))) and chocolate

    • April 25, 2013 at 10:00 pm

      Janet, as you put it, the last two firsts weren’t quite “happy” times, but thankfully they weren’t near as bad as they could have been! 🙂

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