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There’s the Surface Stuff—and the Stuff that Matters!

It’s been nearly a month since I was reinstated as a member of NTM. I remember the first time I became a member and started this Partnership Development thing. I was a few decades younger back then and it was called Deputation in those days. I also had a husband who was pretty much the one responsible to figure it all out. But life has changed. My husband has been graduated to glory, so this time round it’s been left up to me—or so it would appear on the surface.

That means I’ve been busy. While continuing my full-time job for now, I’ve been working on various projects in my spare time. The prayer card shown above was one of those projects, along with a ministry booklet and a display banner. Then there was a first prayer letter to get written and sent out. Of course, there have been meetings to get lined up and friends I want to spend time with while I’m still here. That’s the stuff that’s been left to me. The surface stuff.

The rest is up to God. He knows I need a team that will pray for, encourage, and support me—and He’s already begun raising up these special people.  Touching hearts to pray for me and to send encouraging notes and phone calls my way—God specializes in things like that. So yes, the surface stuff has been left up to me and I’ve been having a fun time with it. But the stuff that really matters, like touching hearts, is God’s department. I’ll just leave that up to Him.


I am a widow—but my identity does not end there. I’m a former pastor’s wife and former missionary.  I’m also a mother of four great sons (and a wonderful daughter-in-law!), and an author of three Christian suspense novels: Betrayed, Identity Revealed, and A Murder Unseen. (Available at: Amazon.com.) Greater than that, I am a child of God with a passion for God, my family, and writing! I recently re-joined New Tribes Mission and am currently raising prayer and financial support before beginning to work with NTM’s Communication team. Blending ministry with my love for writing. God does amazing things!

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  1. Cathy Rhebergen
    March 29, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Hi there Rosie, I guess gone are the years of writing letters. I used to enjoy writing and receiving letters. I am so sorry about your husband, the Lord is holding you up I can see, stay strong. As i am trying to memorize Psalms 139, or at lease a few of the verses, God knows when we sit down and when we rise up and all our thoughts. Yahoo to all that. I just have to cling more to God , stay strong with Gods help, bye. Cathy.

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