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Are We There Yet?

Do you remember long road trips? Were you the kid who was forever asking, “Are we there yet?” Or maybe your memories are more from the parent side of the equation, hearing that question over and over again, hearing that question way too many times.

We’ve kind of felt like that kid as we’ve asked the doctor each day: “Can we go home today?”

What initially was to be an overnight stay in the hospital after the chemo embolization procedure, has been an overnighter, plus another overnighter, plus yet another overnighter. We’re hoping that the next time I post here I’ll be saying that today we really did go home! The hospital room of this new floor may be beautiful, but it’s just not home.

That day of the procedure Matt did remarkably well. We all figured he would be out the next day. But then his liver enzymes went a bit haywire, the pain and nausea began, as well as unexplained high fevers. These needed to be under control before Matt could be released.

The liver enzymes stabilized, as they were expected to do, but the fevers continued to spike at intervals. As no apparent infection can be found, the doctors are pretty confident that it is just a normal reaction to the chemo embolization. We’ve been given a tentative promise that Matt will be released today, barring any new complications.

We’re hopeful. Of course, we’ll be more than hopeful when the hospital is in our rearview mirror, and the GPS is set for home. Home has such a nice ring to it. I won’t even mind how many times Matt asks me, “Are we there yet?”

Click HERE to view a video describing the treatment.

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  1. September 28, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    My fingers are in a state of being permanently crossed for you and Matt. I hope he’s well enough to go home with you today. x Hugs

    • September 28, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Thanks, David. We did make it home. Matt’s pleased to be stretched out on his own couch. 🙂

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