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Love Is More than Flowers and Chocolate!

Our journey of love began....

I was grocery shopping in Aldi yesterday afternoon. An elderly man was standing in line, flowers in hand. Nothing else. Just flowers. Presumably, flowers for his wife of many years. I could envision the love story behind this act.

It was nearly his turn, when he suddenly stepped out, losing his place in line, and walked over to where the flowers were. I watched as he put them back, my overactive imagination already creating a scenario for his actions.

His wife called him on his cell, all upset about something—and he decided she didn’t deserve flowers!

Of course, I didn’t see a cell phone on his person, so that was an unlikely scenario.—And really, it was much too sad of a scenario.

My creation of yet another sad scenario was interrupted as he reached for a better-looking bunch of flowers, then slowly walked back over to re-gain a spot in line.

I smiled. My belief in his love story restored.

I wasn’t the only one watching. The woman behind me spoke up at that moment.

“Flowers from Aldi,” she said, her tone difficult to read, though not sounding like a compliment.

“At least they are flowers,” I replied with a small smile, wanting to give the man credit.

“I waited ten years before I got flowers on Valentine’s Day,” the woman told me. “I would have been happy even if they have been from Aldi.” Her body language and tone were saying it had been more than flowers that had been missing in the marriage.

I didn’t bother to admit I’d also waited years for flowers. It wouldn’t have been appropriate. I had waited for flowers, but in the meantime I was showered with love.

“It’s the thought that counts,” I said—and I meant it.

“It really is,” the woman agreed.

Love is so much more than flowers—or even chocolate! Love is all those little looks, the caring words, a humor that only the two of you understand, a hug at the right moment—and the list goes on. Love is an accumulation of our lives together. I’ll take that over flowers and chocolate any day—though the flowers and chocolate sure don’t hurt!

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  1. Tracy
    February 14, 2012 at 7:36 am

    thanks for posting this! So very true! Real love is more than flowers and gifts….it’s in actions! By the way, I love the Aldi flowers!!

    • February 14, 2012 at 8:09 am

      Ah yes, I should have been careful not to discredit Aldi flowers! Flowers are flowers to me … but I did get the distinct feeling they weren’t to the woman I was talking to. So do I need to post an apology to one of my favorite grocery stores? They really are a great store! 🙂

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