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A Winter Wonderland & the Oncologist

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Our most recent trip to Rochester, New York for Matt’s oncologist appointment was a greater challenge than we  had anticipated. Oddly enough, winter didn’t arrive in New York until that January morning—and it arrived in full force.

Brushing the snow off my Toyota Yaris as the heater started pumping warm air into the interior seemed successful—until I realized the windshield wipers were necessary to keep the snow from covering the windshield in short order! It was an interesting trip. An hour and a half trip turned into  two and a half hours. But we made it. Safe and sound. We considered the trip a success.

At the Wilmot Cancer Center, Matt had the doctor, the nurse practitioner, and the nurse all smiling at how well he looks, and at how well he is handling the new chemo treatment. (Yes, we all fit in that small appointment room!)  Of course, any time you can get an oncologist smiling instead of looking serious and sad, it gets me smiling as well! Reports that the blood work, though not ‘normal,’ looked great for a man with Matt’s diagnosis, and we were ready to call not just the trip, but also the doctor’s visit, a success.

Matt will continue on with the chemotherapy. His next CT scan is scheduled for March 6, with a follow-up appointment on the March 9. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers.

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