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TheraSphere® Pre-Planning Angiogram

As I write this I’m snuggled in bed, Vicks slathered on, a mug of honey and lemon tea on the bedside stand beside me, and Mocha (our Jack Russell Terrier) is lying by my side adding extra warmth.

The first snow of the season arrived in our part of New York this past week, and with it, a “cold/cough/sinus-something-or-other” that has me running a low grade fever and feeling like I need to quarantine myself from my “sick” husband who’s looking quite healthy. Since I went to bed early last night, he spent the night on the couch to keep his distance. Please pray that Matt won’t catch what I have!

This past week he did have the more in-depth CT scan of his liver. On Friday we were told that this coming Wednesday, November 2, Matt is to return to Rochester for Stage One of the TheraSphere® Treatment: Preparation and Pre-Planning Angiogram.

Stage One—if you don’t like medical details you can stop reading right here and just pray! :-)— involves a catheter being guided through the femoral artery into the hepatic artery of the liver where they will “map” the arteries of the liver. “Coils” will be inserted, as needed, to block the microspheres from entering the stomach. They will then inject harmless diagnostic imaging spheres and use a scan to determine where the little guys go. This is a safety screening. It also is the final test to determine if one is a candidate for the actual procedure or not. Presuming that Matt is a candidate, the actual TheraSphere® treatment will take place within two weeks after the pre-planning angiogram.

  1. October 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    As always – you remain in our hearts and prayers. xoxo

  1. November 16, 2011 at 9:19 pm

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