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Kindle Conversion: A Lesson in Perseverance

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My best explanation would be that, during the process of my mind being entwined in the “how to” behind converting A Murder Unseen to the Kindle edition, all creative juices were sucked into that project and none left for other considerations! The Kindle edition being done, a few of the creative juices are beginning to flow again.

Speaking of the conversion process, I wondered if there was a strangely depraved motive behind some of the online instructions and explanations of how to convert to Kindle. Did they intentionally make it sound easy, as they then leaned back in their chairs smiling wickedly at the unaware one that was going to believe them? Right, that being me!

I guess I should give them more credit than that—and be less judgmental. In reality, they were right. The conversion process is relatively easy. However, what many failed to explain was the arduous process of reformatting a 292 page novel before you reach the conversion step, of that time-consuming, creative-juice sucking process. Of course, you could try converting before reformatting, but your results would fall somewhere between a red flag of failure at worst—or a sad best-case scenario of a Kindle copy with formatting apparently produced by a toddler and non-existent links for your Table of Contents.

It was a lesson in perseverance. As a newbie to the process, there were hit and misses along the way before it finally started coming together. Of course, there was a great feeling of satisfaction when it finally came together. Now maybe I’m ready to right an article on how easy of a process it was? Not!

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