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Going Green for VBS!

Going green. Well, not the way you’re thinking. I’m sitting here very much out of character with green fingernails and toenails. I could say I had a choice, but yesterday afternoon when it was brought up by some of the VBS staff, I was laughing inside at the ‘no choice’ look I was given. I mean, my mom is the lover of all things green: green clothing, green painted furniture, green emeralds (those don’t sound too bad!) and green plants—and I know she wouldn’t go for green nails! Then there’s me. Green plants see me coming and their color fades away. I’m the black and white with some red thrown in girl!

Last year for Green Day at Vacation Bible School, I had to beg a green t-shirt off my daughter-in-law since there was no green in my wardrobe. I have, after much harassment, expanded my wardrobe beyond predominantly black and white. I have what I consider a horrid green, white and black dressy shirt I’m wearing today. I wear it occasionally to prove I can break out of my black and white mold—but I thought that was a stretch.

And now? Green fingernails? Green toenails? What was I thinking? Really,  I was thinking I might get away with green toenails. When I suggested the idea to the innocent, sweet-looking young lady who brought the green fingernail polish to my office, she gave me the same ‘no choice’ look that her mother had pulled off the day before. Like mother, like daughter!

But it’s for a good cause. Today is Green Day at VBS. If I can support the theme and bring a smile to a few faces with my green fingernails and toenails, then it will be worth it. Of course, by nightfall the green will most definitely be gone, so if you weren’t here, you missed a once in a lifetime event!  And tomorrow? Tomorrow is Black and White Day which suits me just fine!

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  1. June 28, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    What a riot!! Mission accomplished from here – I’m smiling big!! 😉

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