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Texting on a keyboard phone

Image via Wikipedia, Created by Alton (Licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License)

His blood counts were obviously dropping, but Matt wasn’t ready to admit it. He wanted to preach on Easter Sunday.

Still, the symptoms were hard to hide. As he lay exhausted on the couch we discussed what I saw as reality versus his desire. I told him outright that I wasn’t sure if I should be listening to him or not, but that if his blood pressure didn’t drop any further, I would try to honor his wish.

With our conversation over, I stood up and headed to the kitchen, texting as I went. 

“Who are you texting?” Matt asked in a strangely concerned and accusatory manner. 

“Chuck,” I replied with a straight face, sure that I knew what he was thinking.

The response on his face confirmed my suspicions causing me to burst into laughter before correcting my statement.

“I wasn’t texting Chuck. I was texting Jamie.”

Chuck is our EMT friend and you could just see Matt’s brain whirring, figuring I was texting for backup!

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