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Packing at a moment’s notice can add unneeded stress to a day. Having a semi-ready suitcase packed and ready is a good de-stresser. I would recommend it for anyone who travels frequently. 

Throw in the basics. You can add a few extra clothes on your way out the door. Keep a toiletry bag in it or ready to throw in. I purchased and put a hairbrush in my suitcase after waking up to blow-dry my hair on the road without one, not once, but twice! A small but good investment in sanity! 

What I was missing was my old travel hair dryer that had finally died on me.  Compared to my normal folding hair dryer which takes up a quarter of my suitcase, this one was less than half that size. But it had died. Checking out the local store where I had originally bought it many years ago, it was not to be found.

Not to be deterred, I began my web search. Amazon.com proved faithful once again. The replacement has arrived, is powerful enough at 1,000 watts, and slides inconspicuously into my suitcase in its own small pouch.

Anyone else looking for that perfect travel hair dryer? Click here to check it out!
1,000-Watt Travel Hair Dryer
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