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Good News Despite the Lack of Answers!

A quick update. Thanks for praying! Matt’s white blood cells stayed up. He had the colonoscopy early this afternoon, and we finally saw the doctor about 7:30 tonight. The lower GI tract is clear. There was nothing to  explain the low blood counts. The doctor explained the next step clearly. It made total sense to me for about a  minute, but my brain cells aren’t functioning up to par and when I went back over it in my mind there was a definite loss of understanding. There is something about Matt being hospitalized that leaves me exhausted! My brain doesn’t function so well when it’s exhausted! But, like many things in life, I don’t need to understand them all. What I remember is enough for now. No iron supplements through Friday. More tests on Friday to determine if the problem is that he’s not making enough red blood cells. The good news is his blood counts stayed up after last night’s blood transfusion. The great news is that he comes home tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. March 30, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    >One more step into the unknown but holding the hand of One who knows the way (even when one's brain cells aren't comforting). We might get it wrong, but God never does. Take heart Rosie!

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