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Our Newest Challenge

Three days, seven units of blood, and an endoscopy later, we still have no definite answers. We do know Matt’s upper GI tract is clear. Tomorrow he is slated for a colonoscopy to determine if the problem lies in the lower GI tract — as long as his white blood count is high enough. Presently it is too low. 

I left him tonight with this gallon container of laxative sitting on the table beside him in preparation for tomorrow’s colonoscopy. That would look daunting to me just to drink if it were just water — and he was to get as much down as possible before midnight! 

Later they will be giving yet another blood transfusion in an attempt to boost his white blood cell count high enough to even be able to have the colonoscopy.

So there’s our newest challenge. Matt is preparing for a test that will have to be canceled if they can’t get his white blood cell count high enough. Please pray!
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  1. March 29, 2011 at 3:58 am

    >Well I have had colonoscopy's before, you are put out and don't feel anything…but I will pray that Matt's blood count is where it should be so you know what you are dealing with here…Please God…do work a miracle in Matt's blood and raise the count….please….Pat dy

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