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The Basement with a Mind of Its Own

Shortly after moving into the parsonage, we faced a hiccup when our basement decided to take on about five inches of water when the sump pump went on the blink. Like a wayward child pulling a temper tantrum and screaming for attention, our basement used this method as a cry for attention. The rest of house was settled into, organized, and looking quite nice. The basement on the other hand was our boys’ domain, boys who had little care for my grand organizational ideas. It was functional and they loved it. It was a frontier that I had yet to breach with a frontal assault of organization. Amazing how a little water can spur one on!

Knowing my time was limited and that this territory would have to be taken over in sections, I decided step one of the frontal assault on the basement would be to corral the storage into one area. This meant finding the perfect freestanding shelving unit that was sturdy, could hold much weight, be easy to assemble, and could withstand the possibility of another temper tantrum acting itself out in our basement!

Researching on the internet I found the perfect shelving unit wasn’t as easy to find as I first thought. Sifting through one after another and reading up on the reviews, I finally found what I wanted at our local Lowe’s. I bought one on my first trip to the store, bringing it home to test it out before committing to buying more. Though two people are recommended for putting it together, it’s easy to do. Once together the shelves can be adjusted to the desired heights by one person alone. I loved it so much I went back and bought two more! The pile of storage containers stacked and difficult to access are now nicely organized on the new shelving units. Labeling them is the next step.

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