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Embracing Change

Sometimes I have not written because of writer’s block. Sometimes it’s been because, though much is happening, everything I would want to write about is of a personal or confidential nature — and therefore not to share with the world. And sometimes it’s been because more things than I could have imagined tugged for the attention of my free time.

Time passes. I get out of the habit of blogging, but find I miss it and wonder why I haven’t prioritized a small amount of time to at least get a weekly blog on my page.

Life is like that. Life is constantly changing. New elements enter. Old elements often remain though sometimes there are subtle changes in their character. Sometimes that change is so marked that we find ourselves wondering if we should call them a ‘new element.’ Sometimes these elements take a sabbatical from our lives to return at a later date, and sometimes they permanently leave our lives after playing their important role.

These ‘elements’ include the people and relationships in our lives, our home life, our jobs, our responsibilities, and our extra-curricular activities. They also include our dreams, our goals, and our expectations. Change is inevitable. 

Often I find myself re-prioritizing as the elements in my life change — and that’s not bad. It is often necessary. Some dreams and goals become obsolete, and we must accept that. Some dreams and goals may need to be allotted a “No Due Date” category for an undetermined length of time. I’ve done that. Sometimes they have remained there for a few weeks. Sometimes they have remained there for over a year. 

Change is a part of the fabric of our lives. We can fight it — or we can embrace it. We can be blessed by change — or we can be burned by change. It all depends upon our reaction to it. I’d prefer to embrace it.
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