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The New Necessity: The Label Maker

We all know an office needs a stapler, a tape dispenser, pens and pencils, file folders—and hopefully a decent file cabinet. But how many of you would put a label-maker on that list?I lived without one for years. Now I wouldn’t be without one. Do you know how many things you can do to organize not only your office, but your whole house, with a label-maker? Here are some ideas:

  • File Folders — Hanging file folders leave a tidier more organized look, but typing and printing off labels to slide into the plastic tabs is, well, a pain. Enter the label-maker. I print the label and stick it right onto the outside of the plastic tab. Fast, works great, and easy enough to change!
  • Binder Labels — Multiple binders on a shelf can result in wasted time looking for the right now. Enter the label-maker. Labels can easily be made to keep binders in order.

  • Medicine Cabinet/Shelf — Plastic bins work great for stashing different types of medications and keeping them organized, but knowing what is in each bin can be a problem. Enter the label-maker. Labeling each bin makes for easy retrieval of the correct bin!

  • Laundry Closet —Plastic dishpans work great on the shelves of a laundry closet to store items for two reasons: The items are tidily contained and the bins can be easily pulled from the shelves. (Being vertically challenged that’s a plus!) The problem comes in having a family of five knowing what is in each dishpan without pulling each one down. Enter the label-maker.Labeling each dishpan accordingly solves the problem!
  • Storage — Storage boxes and plastic totes provide great storage for infrequently used items, sentimental or seasonal items. To make retrieval easy, you’ve got it, enter the label-maker. Labeling each box or tote refreshes the memory and speeds the retrieval process!

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