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Navigating the Slippery Roads of Life

Winter road in northern British Columbia, Canada

Image via Wikipedia (GNU Free Documentation License)

Driving to work on a snowy winter morning under slippery road conditions and poor visibility can be a challenge. Despite the beauty of large snowflakes falling around us, visibility can be impaired, our sight limited to close quarters, making driving a hazard. Slushy, slippery or icy road conditions add an extra challenge to the morning commute, a challenge that lacks any beauty to it.

Likewise, in life we face the challenge of navigating slushy, slippery or icy paths. Reaching a point of indecision or temptation in our lives, if relying on our own strength and not totally dependent on our Lord and Savior, we can find ourselves sliding out of control towards the ditch. We need to have the Lord at the wheel of our lives to navigate us through the slippery roads of our lives.

Similar to how beautiful large snowflakes can impair our visibility in driving, there can be snowflakes in our lives that in and of themselves are good, but that in excess can impair or completely obscure our direction and purpose. The individual snowflakes in our lives may not be great enough to  distract us from our purpose in life, but the accumulative effect can be enough to redirect us, possibly causing us to end up ditched and damaged. We need to guard our hearts and minds against even the good things in life if we find they are steering us away from an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Let’s drive defensively, remembering to keep the Lord at the wheel our life!

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