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The Contrast

On some days as I’m walking out the door of my nice home that contains all the modern conveniences that we Americans take for granted … on some days I feel a disconnect. The contrast between my current life and my former life is so great that the one at times seems to begin to fade away. And yet I do not want that part of my life to fade away. I want to remember. I want to continue to have my goals, my desires, and my mindset tempered by a life far different from the one I now lead.

I want to remember that I lived in a remote jungle village only accessible by river or plane. I want to remember that I lived in a primitive mud and pole hut with a palm roof—and that I shared it with creatures that  I often times wished God hadn’t bothered to create! I’m sure snakes, spiders and scorpions had a better reputation before the fall of mankind!

I want to remember that one outhouse is enough for a crowd. Who would spend more than the absolute time necessary in a palm-walled hut shared with spiders? I want to remember that the closest thing to air-conditioning was a dip in the river. I want to remember how it felt to live without refrigeration, without microwaves, without a hair dryer, and without internet.

I want to remember that one can live without and still live a full and wonderful life, that all the trappings (as wonderful as they are!) of American society are not essential to our happiness. I want to remember that it’s not about what we have, but about who we serve. It’s not about what we’ve acquired in life, but about a relationship with the God of the Universe.

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