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Are You a Reader? Check out Betrayed!

While on an assignment to uncover the details of an assassination plot, Jeremi Grant sustains a gunshot wound that grazes his skull, leaving him with no memory, with no explanation for why he is at the scene of a murder. An undercover FBI agent is dead. His fellow agents want the man who did it. All evidence points to Jeremi. He resisted arrest at the scene of the crime, his fingerprints were on the murder weapon, and the bullet that grazed his skull came from the dead agent’s gun!

Under arrest for murder, Jeremi has no explanation for the FBI. Worse yet, he has no explanation for himself. He struggles to reconcile between the evidence laid before him and the man he feels he is inside. Meanwhile, an assassination is going to take place and the details needed to prevent it are locked in Jeremi’s mind. Escaping from the FBI, Jeremi is determined to find out who he really is. The joy of remembering that he is a Christian is dampened by questions over his many dubious talents. Who and what was he?

The pieces slowly begin to fall into place, but will Jeremi remember enough in time to prevent the assassination?

Click here to order a copy of “Betrayed”

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