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Spider Stories

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I can’t say I have a phobia of spiders. I barely notice the ones Stateside. They are so little! Tarantulas on the other hand are not so tiny. In our early days in the village of Parupa we lived in a palm-roofed hut with dirt floors. Spiders running on the ceiling, the walls or floor was not an oddity. I remember lying in bed convincing myself that I was safe on the bed.
One night I looked up to see a large tarantula lowering itself from the ceiling towards me. See, they can get on the bed! my mind practically screamed at me.

I awoke with a start, only able to convince myself it had been a dream because of the logical fact that a moment before I could clearly see the spider … but now I was staring into pitch blackness.

It had been a dream. There was no tarantula lowering itself to my face. But the truth of the matter stood firm. Spiders can lower themselves by spider webs. Spiders could get on my bed. My rational mind had to accept the fact—but how to deal with it?

I lay in bed staring into the pitch blackness knowing a spider could be there. God would protect me, I reassured myself. That sounded good. It sounded solid. It sounded spiritual. God wouldn’t want me to be bit by a spider so He would prevent it.

Hmm… I was convinced He could prevent it. I was not so convinced there was any scriptural basis for God having to prevent it. God could also give me a million dollars, but that didn’t mean He was going to.

What did ring true was the scriptural truth about fear—about fear not being of God. This wasn’t really about whether or not a spider would get on my bed. It was about accepting God’s will, not my will, for my life. If that meant I would fall asleep to be awakened by a tarantula reaching out to touch my face with its hairy legs, could I accept that? Could I accept whatever circumstances God was to allow in my life for whatever reason He permitted it?

I took a deep breath. I knew God loved me more than I could ever comprehend. I knew I could trust HIS best will for my life—even if that meant a possible tarantula in my bed. I closed my eyes and slept like a baby.

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