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If You’re Tempted To Complain….

We had bad news. Jamie was in an accident — again. He says he’s fine. He thinks the car is fixable but we have yet to know all the details on both counts. Matt called me with this news as I unlocked my office door this morning. What a beginning to a Monday morning! Oh, he was driving Matt’s new car … with Matt’s permission. Matt’s headed out to pick Jamie up now.

I sat down at my desk feeling overwhelmed and not ready for all this would entail. And yes, feeling rather ready to complain. Hadn’t we just paid out for another accident? Hadn’t we just cleared up all the paperwork? Did this really have to happen now? I just didn’t feel like I had the energy for it.

I reached to tear off the weekend’s verse and words from my daily calendar to reveal what verse and words of encouragement the Lord would give me this morning — praying as I did so.

Here’s what the Lord gave me this morning:

May 11 –
“I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.” Psalms 77:3
Today I resolve not to complain even once.

Hmm… . I had to chuckle. No words of “I’ll uphold you.” No words of “I’m your solid rock.” Just straight to the point. “You don’t want to be overwhelmed? Then don’t complain.”

“Yes, I’ll strengthen you—but resolve not to complain.”

“Yes, I’m the same today as I was yesterday–but resolve not to complain.”

Okay, I thought, maybe I should see what He was going to tell me tomorrow. I lifted the small square page and read…

May 12 –

“I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.” Psalms 77:3

What? The same verse? Did I not flip the page right??!!! (I checked it and I had!)So what words went with the verse for tomorrow?

Again today, I RESOLVE not to complain even once.

By now I’m laughing. Do I dare check what May 13th holds for me? Of course!

May 13 –

“The earth trembled and shook.” Psalms 77:18

Whew! Not the same verse. I was beginning to wonder what challenges the Lord was going to use to grow me this week! And then I read…

This is what I’ll record the day I actually cease complaining. (But I’m getting closer!)

I leaned back in my chair and laughed and didn’t bother checking May 14th. This week, I’m definitely resolving not to complain!

Of course, all prayers to that end are appreciated! 🙂

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