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Back to Sourpuss Carlos

Remember the post on the salvation of Sourpuss Carlos? The story didn’t end there. Carlos became a regular at our house. He became my husband’s translator checker for the chronological Bible lessons Matt was writing in the Maquiritare tribal language, and as such, Carlos received his own personal discipleship class from the Word of God.The Bible speaks of those who read God’s Word but go away unchanged. That was not the case in the life of Carlos. He was a dry sponge soaking up the truths from God’s Word. He was a dry sponge turned sopping wet to overflowing with the truths of God’s Word.

Carlos did not pick and choose from the many truths. He didn’t say, “Well, I don’t like what that truth would mean in my life so I’ll ignore it.” No, he took each truth, he applied each truth, and we had the privilege of watching our strangely odd looking SourPuss Carlos turn into a joyful caring man of God whose testimony shone as a bright beacon to the unsaved in the village.

His life should be a testimony to us all. We have so much truth before us. Are we picking and choosing which truths to obey or are we applying each truth as it is revealed to us and allowing it to change us from the inward out?

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