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Doesn’t Everyone Speak Spanish?

On my husband’s recent trip to Guatemala he was welcomed with open arms into the homes of men he knew. There were humorous moments as well. The partner and manager of the farm closest to where we live had traveled down with Matt.Doug was dependent on Matt since he does not speak Spanish. One of the young girls found this non-Spanish speaking white man to be quite fascinating.

She just had to ask my husband, “He really doesn’t speak any Spanish?”

“No, he doesn’t,” Matt responded.

“And he doesn’t understand it at all? Like, if I talk to him he really doesn’t know what I’m saying?” She just had to confirm that this could really be true.

“That’s right,” Matt told the girl.

She thought it was unbelievable. It didn’t fit any norm in her young mind. Everyone understands Spanish. Everyone speaks Spanish—at least in her world view!

She wasn’t the only one in awe of these foreign visitors. All the children were pleased to have such strangely different white men in their homes. They were quite disappointed when they found out Matt and Doug were leaving Monday morning. They had been hoping to take them to school for “show and tell”! These white men were quite the novelty!

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