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International Calls

My husband and I were enjoying a weekend away in Canada at my parents’ place when the call came. Realizing Jamie was making an international call from his cell phone, I began to scold him a bit when he interrupted me, “But Mom, I have to talk to you. I’ve been in a crash.”

Suddenly the charges incurred from an international call made on his cell phone were irrelevant.

As the story unfolded we quickly surmised that the boys, though bumped around and achy, appeared to be fine. There had been no ambulance rushing them off to the hospital. For that we were most grateful.

The car on the other hand was not so fine. Being sideswiped by a pickup truck failing to stop at a four-way stop doesn’t leave the prettiest looking of cars!

Choosing between the two? I’m very grateful it’s our car that’s sitting in the garage in need of major repairs rather than our boys lying in the hospital in need of the same!

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  1. April 2, 2009 at 2:08 am

    >The photo is frightening. I thank God they are all ok!!

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