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Solutions for the Insanely Busy

If the need to keep sane with an insane schedule describes you, join me in my continuing journey of keeping my sanity in the midst of an insane schedule.

There was a time I would have described myself as organized. I would have said that for the most part I could tell you where what was in my house. I could quickly retrieve whatever document you needed from my organized files. I knew what my schedule was for the next month, probably the next year. I could honestly say I didn’t remember being late on a payment.

I loved organization. I loved to organize more than I loved to clean, yet still, my house was clean and tidy. And I kept it so with my busy schedule. At least I thought I was busy. Granted, I was busy–but sanely busy.

The challenge came when I moved from what I call being sanely busy to being insanely busy. Maintaining the same level of organization with a time crunch became a monumental challenge.

The challenge was to find a way to streamline my organizational style in such a manner that I could turn an insanely busy schedule into a sanely busy schedule.

In the days that follow I will be writing of the many aspects of organization. Your input is always welcome!

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