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Belief Affects Action

There was a table in the bedroom when we moved in. I didn’t want a table in the bedroom but it didn’t seem possible to get it out through the doorway! After several failed attempts, I sat down on the bed and thought about it. It seemed reasonable to presume the table had been made elsewhere and brought into the room. If that was true, then it stood to reason that there was a way to get it out of the room! I studied the table. I studied the angles of the doorway. And then the idea came. I tried it out—and it worked!

I didn’t understand the perplexed look on my father-in-law’s face when he came over to visit and saw the table in the living roomuntil he explained. When they were cleaning the house for our arrival, since he couldn’t get the table out through the doorway he’d presumed it had been made in the room and would have to stay!

How we view life could be paralleled to how we view the table in the bedroom. What we believe to be true will affect our actions. That being true, what do our actions say about our beliefs?

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  1. March 9, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    >It’ so true, Rosie!

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