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Blooming Spiritually

There are flowers in my office. They came with the job. They were once beautiful. And now? They cycle between blooming and beautifully green—and withering with brown leaves falling to the carpet, with cracked dirt in the pots resembling a parched desert land. Okay, I admit it, the withering part of the cycle is of longer duration than the blooming and beautifully green!

You’ve got it. I don’t have a green thumb. I think plants are a beautiful part of creation but I just don’t seem to notice as they begin to wither away.

The amazing part is, that with a little tender loving care, they still bring forth new lifewhen I get around to noticing them and giving them attention. Amidst the look of brown, dying leaves, suddenly new green leaves appear. Flowers bloom where death once seemed certain.

Thankfully God isn’t like that with us. He doesn’t forget to “water” us. He doesn’t get caught up with projects and neglect us. But isn’t that how we sometimes are in our spiritual lives? We start to feel dry and parched and realize we’ve been neglecting to feed ourselves spiritually. Thankfully, just as flowers can bloom again when they seem on the verge of death, so God can bring us out of our spiritually dry desert and infuse new life within us. He has promised to complete the good work HE has begun in our lives. Will we comply?

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