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We Call It Making Memories…

How does one turn a thirteen hour road trip into an sixteen hour road trip?

Easy, use a GPS that doesn’t tell you: “Hey, Idiot! Get off at the next exit and turn around!”—but instead re-routes you three hours out of your way. Oh right, add to the mix that your son is following you with the good Garmin GPS that IS telling him at every exit to “get off at this exit and turn around,” but who keeps telling his new bride that “Mom knows where she’s going,” and therefore neglects to mention the fact to Mom.

Okay, Mom usually does know where she’s going, but that’s with the old-fashioned method of maps combined with the not-so-old Mapquest. But on this day, Mom did not know where she was. She kept scanning the map she’d pulled out after a ways into the trip to try to figure out where they really were! The GPS kept saying they were somewhere “exact” but it where was that “exact” location on the map???!!!

By the time Mom, who was highly suspicious that things weren’t as on-track as the GPS was telling her, figured out where they were, all she could do was groan…and groan…and groan. How, when they should have been leaving Chicago in the dust behind them, could they still be in Wisconsin???!!!

That’s how our trip the end of June of last year from Waukesha, Wisconsin to our home in New York turned from a thirteen hour to a sixteen hour trip! But it was all about making memories, right? At least we smile and tell ourselves that. The purpose of the trip (in the gas-guzzling, non-functioning A.C. of a van) was to pull a U-haul of Joe & Jen’s belongings back to New York for them. You figured it out. They were following us because they were moving to New York.

And yes, we did make some unique, but strangely good, memories.How do you turn a thirteen hour road trip into a sixteen hour road trip? (Really, this is not a trick question!)

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