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Precious Flour

Errors in judgment happen. One such error was made on the food order sent in for the Californian team. “Town” figured I had over-ordered and cut back on some of the supplies. Unfortunately, they were wrong. I had ordered with a menu in mind. I had ordered for a group that would be working hard, and therefore eating heavily. What this meant was that by the time the team left we were practically out of food and not due to have our next order arrive for yet a few weeks. Remember, we were two and a half hours from town. There was no corner store.

I made “interesting” meals. There was no more spaghetti or sauce. There were canned beans with nothing to accompany them. There was a bit of tuna left. We made tuna sandwiches. We had bread without tuna. At least that filled our stomachs! And then the flour ran out… . I was using the last of our precious stash of pancake mix… . God, we’re here about YOUR business. Please supply our need!

The plane happened to fly in that day. An unexpected flight. The pilot was on his way to another village, but knowing we were alone, made a stop by our base. He happened to have a case of flour with him. He happened to mention that if we needed it, he could leave it with us.

Yes, yes and yes! We let him know we could use the flour. We let him know he was an answer to prayer. And we marveled at the providence of God. With God, nothing just happens. With God there are no coincidences.

  1. February 12, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    >I love missionary pilots for this reason!!!

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