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Sponges & Spirituality

What does our spirituality have to do with sponges?

The speaker at the One Way Winter Retreat shed some light on that. In fact, he even demonstrated it. Dipping a desert dry sponge into a jug of clean, pure water, he waited for the sponge to soak it up. You could almost hear the dry sponge breathing a sigh of relief to finally be filled again!—And then he threw the sponge at one of the teens! Clean, pure water splattered over the teen. If others had been close by, they would have been affected as well.

When we let GOD fill our lives HE will spill out from us, overflowing into the lives of others. On the flip side, when we allow our lives to become saturated with ungodly thoughts, ideals, motives and attitudes, don’t think for a second we’ll be able to contain them. They too will overflow into the lives of others causing heartache and chaos.

I hope your prayer is as mine, that my life would be saturated with GOD, that my life would be an outpouring of HIM to others.

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