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An Adventure of God’s Making

There’s nothing better than heading off on an adventure of God’s making!

I’ll admit the busload of teens was all I predicted it to be—not calm and definitely not quiet!

I’ll admit during the opening session as the leader had the teens screaming and cheering that I reached for my bag and popped Advil to short-circuit the ominous throbbing beginning in my head.

I’ll admit that after participating in the many games of volleyball, after walking up the hill to the girls’ dorm more times than I really cared to, that I discovered muscles where I’d forgotten I had muscles!

But I can’t finish this post without admitting that though I came away from the Winter Retreat physically ready for a hot tub and a quiet night, I also came away spiritually encouraged and blessed.

I can tell you I was blessed by the messages brought by the speaker—and that would be true.

More awesome than that was having the opportunity to get to know the teens on a personal level and to be blessed by the testimony shining through their lives.

John 13:35 reads: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

To see teens getting along, sharing with each other, helping each other, and demonstrating a love that is not of this world, but a love that reveals that they are disciples is an awesome thing to see.

God invited me on what appeared to be an “uncertain venture” and turned it into a definite adventure!

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